Kitchen Concepts Ltd. was set up in 2008 to establish a number of restaurants offering distinctly interesting food. We believe in giving our patrons an enjoyable experience each time they visit our restaurants, that goes beyond their normal expectations. Our commitment is to cooking simple and tasty food with only the best ingredients, using both traditional and modern recipes and methods whilst also adapting to today’s eating habits. We aim to do this in pleasant surroundings with knowledgeable and friendly staff seeing to all our customers’ needs.

Moreover we will provide all of this at a fair price.

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of the KC Loyalty Card. As the name implies when visiting our restaurants frequently, you will be rewarded for your loyalty. This is our way of giving something back and saying thank you.

This scheme will work at La Cucina del Sole and The Chophouse at Tigne’ Point, Cuba at the Strand, St Julians and PAMA Mosta, Vecchia Napoli Sliema and SkyParks Luqa and Gululu in Spinola Bay. This will also be extended to other Kitchen Concepts outlets yet to be opened.

Our bonus system is simple. Along the same lines as an Air Miles scheme, each time you dine with us an amount of money, rather than miles, will be credited to your account. This can be benefited from when so ever you like, irrespective of where you dine and when. As long as you use your KC card the euros will accumulate in your account irrespective of the method of payment whether cash or credit card, personal or corporate.

Each time you dine with us, an amount of 10% of your bill will be credited to your account. As long as you use your KC card, the euros will accumulate in your account . For the first time you use the KC card, the 10% of the amount will be credited to your card. This amount can be used when you dine at any of our outlets on the second time,
else you can accumulate an amount and use it whenever you like.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contacting Marisa
Galea on [email protected]

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"Eat well feel well"

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For Corporate events, staff parties or any other special occasions – kindly contact Martin Spiteri on [email protected]